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10. Work of the Chariot Translations

Revelation of John

A Qabalistic Analysis of the Text

The Revelation of John is an enigmatic, mystically obscure text. It was originally written in Aramaic, though many translations are made from the Greek version. The Revelation of John presents a specialized form of the "Tree of the Treasuries of the House of Elohim." This Working Path is intended to take true disciples of Master Yeshuvah to the "New Jerusalem" in the crown center via seven series of seven experiences alluded to in the forty-nine images presented in the text. This reflects the fact that the Tree has a total of seven Sefiroth which span the four qabalistic worlds, and also that each of those seven Sefirah is itself a complete Tree of seven Sefiroth extending through all four worlds. The forty-nine allusions represent seven repetitions of the seven Sefiroth acting upon one another. To more easily understand this, imagine that each of the seven Sefirah has a test tube containing a differently colored liquid. Then, imagine successively pouring some of the colored liquid from each one into the six others, resulting in a total of forty-nine different colors. Most interpreters of the Revelation see all the action described as occurring in the physical plane. However, the events described in the Revelation occur on multiple planes. Only the allusions involving the Seven Churches exist in the lowest Sefirah Victory, representing the physical plane. The forty-nine allusions in their qabalistic format as a Tree of Life is presented below.

Qabalistic Analysis of the Text

Sefirah One:Victory (Netzach)
The lowest Sefirah is called Victory. Since this is the lowest Sefirah, it is in the material creation, the waking state of humans. The action of the other Sefiroth upon Sefirah Victory appears as seven "Churches," with their respective their strengths and weaknesses.

In Sefirah Victory--Sefirah: Church, Characteristic
Blessing: Laodicea, lukewarm
Thanksgiving: Philadelphia, kept the Word
Understanding: Sardis, holds fast, dead
Beauty: Thyatira, works of love
Mercy: Pergamos, uphold the Name
Power: Smyrna, crown of life
Victory: Ephesus, first love

Sefirah Two: Strength (Geburah)
The second Sefirah is called Strength or Power. The experience in this Sefirah is in the dream state of ordinary humans. The action of the other Sefiroth on Power is given as "Seals," as follows:

In Sefirah Power--Sefirah: Seal, Characteristic
Blessing: Seal 7, Silence
Thanksgiving: Seal 6, Earthquake, Sun, Moon, Stars
Understanding: Seal 5, Souls of Lamb under Altar
Beauty: Seal 4, Pale Horse, Death, Hell
Mercy: Seal 3, Black Horse, balances
Power: Seal 2, Red Horse, War, Sword
Victory: Seal 1, White Horse, Bow, Crown

Sefirah Three: Mercy (Gedulah)
The third Sefirah is called Mercy. The experience in this Sefirah, which is the navel region, is the dream state of humans. The action of the other Sefiroth on Mercy is given as the action of "Angels with Seven Trumpets," which sound as follows:

In Sefirah Mercy--Sefirah: Angel with Trumpet, Characteristic
Blessing: Angel 7, Temple of Elohim opened in Heaven; Woman clothed with Sun; Dragon and his seed; War in Heaven, Michael Casts Dragon down to Earth; Dragon fights with Woman (loses); beast arises.
Thanksgiving: Angel 6, Voice from horns of Golden Altar; 4 Angels of Euphrates
Understanding: Angel 5, Star from Heaven (opens pit); Pit opens, locusts of Abaddon.
Beauty: Angel 4, Eagle with blood red tail; one third of sun, darkened.
Mercy: Angel 3, Star, Wormwood, turns rivers.
Power: Angel 2, Flaming mountain into Sea; one third sea destroyed.
Victory: Angel 1, Hail and Fire, one third Earth burnt.

Sefirah Four: Thanksgiving (Todah)
The fourth Sefirah is called Thanksgiving. The experience in this Sefirah, which is in the heart region, is beyond the usual experiences of humans. The action of the other Sefiroth on Thanksgiving is given as action of the "Angels of the End," as follows:

In Sefirah Beauty--Sefirah: Angel of the End, Characteristic
Blessing: Angel 7, "Faithful and True" on White Horse (Messiah as Acharit, The Last); Armageddon won.
Thanksgiving: Angel 6, Voice from Throne "Praise our Elohim."
Understanding: Angel 5, Great Voice of Multitude, AlleluYH
Beauty: Angel 4, Millstone, overthrow of Babylon
Mercy: Angel 3, Voice from Heaven: "Come out of Babylon."
Power: Angel 2, Judgment on Babylon
Victory: Angel 1, Showing Babylon

Sefirah Five: Understanding (Binah)
The fifth Sefirah is called Understanding. The experience in this Sefirah, which is in the throat region, is also beyond the usual experiences of humans, appearing as deep sleep to most of them. The action of the other Sefiroth on Understanding is given as action of the "Angels of the Seven Last Plagues," as follows:

In Sefirah Understanding--Sefirah: Angel of the Plague, Characteristic
Blessing: Angel 7, "It is done." Armageddon starts.
Thanksgiving: Angel 6, Euphrates dried up
Understanding: Angel 5, Darkening of Kingdom of Beast.
Beauty: Angel 4, Sun to scorch Earth.
Mercy: Angel 3, Rivers turn to blood
Power: Angel 2, Sea to turn to blood
Victory: Angel 1, Sores appear on image worshippers.

Sefirah Six: Beauty (Tifareth)
The sixth Sefirah is called Beauty. The experience in this Sefirah, which is in the forehead region, is also beyond the usual experiences of humans. The action of the other Sefiroth on Beauty is given as "Angels announcing the End," as follows:

In Sefirah Thanksgiving--Sefirah: Angel, Characteristic
Blessing: Angel 7, Angel out of Altar with Fire
Thanksgiving: Angel 6, Angel with sharp sickle; Winepress gathers Grapes of Wrath
Understanding: Angel 5, Angel harvesting Earth
Beauty: Angel 4, Voice from Heaven, Blessed
Mercy: Angel 3, Warning about Image worship
Power: Angel 2, Babylon to fall
Victory: Angel 1, Angel preaching Gospel, to serve Elohim

Sefirah Seven: Blessing (Berakhah)
The seventh Sefirah is called Blessing. The experience in this Sefirah, which is at the top of the head, is also beyond the usual experiences of humans. The ultimate experiences possible with the Tree of Life is given as "Final Details of the End," as follows:

In Sefirah Blessing--Sefirah: End, Detail
Blessing: End 7, New Jerusalem Tree of Life, Lamb.
Thanksgiving: End 6, New Heaven, New Earth.
Understanding: End 5, Second Resurrection, Last Judgment; burning of Dragon.
Beauty: End 4, Destruction of Heaven and Earth
Mercy: End 3, Loosing of Satan, end of 1000 years.
Power: End 2, First Resurrection, First Judgment
Victory: End 1, Binding of Satan.