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5. Trees of Life from Other Primary Qabalisic Sources and Other Mystical Traditions

G. Merkabah Tree from the Book of Ezekiel and Isaiah

The Sefer Yetzirah and the Merkabah (Chariot) material from the Books of Ezekiel and Isaiah are the two principal sources for the three-dimensional, double-pyramid forms of the “six-pointed star” Tree of Life. The Chariot is an allusion to the Tree of Life. Chariot ShadhaiThe specifications regarding the Merkabah version of the Double Pyramid Tree (see Diagram), called “Chariot Shadai,” are found in verses in the Books of Ezekiel and Isaiah. The highly anthropomorphic image of the Yosher (lit. upright) form of the Name hvhy is “seated upon the Throne of Glory” in the center of the Chariot, with the three Mother letters Alef a, Mem m, and Shin s resting above the Yosher like a crown. Each Directional Sefiroth is associated with a Chayah (lit. Living Being). The four Directional Sefiroth East, West, North, and South are called the “Legs of the Throne.” As shown in the diagram below, Hebrew letters, Divine Names e.g. Gadol, Gabor, archangels, three animals and Man, and patriarchs are imputed to the four Legs. The Inner Court is connected to the Legs via Double Hebrew letters, with which are associated Ofanim (high level angels close to the Throne) and Metatron (“operations manager” of the universe). The Directional Sefiroth are connected among one another via the Simple Hebrew letters, which are called the “wings of the Chayot.” The two Central Column Directional Sefiroth on the Chariot Shadai Tree are called “Firmament” and “Abyss.”

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