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5. Trees of Life from the Sefer HaShmoth and the Sefer Yetzirah - Angelic Tree Language of the Sefer HaShmoth

A. Introduction

As described earlier, the qabalistic Tree of Life has three Columns. The Columns of the Right and Left on the Tree are in a state of dynamic polar stress. The beings who inhabit one side are in active conflict with those on the other. The Central Column, balancing the two, remains unaffected by such conflict and those who dwell there are essentially invisible to the beings on either side. Unlike the Central Column, the Columns of the Right and Left have “gatekeepers” who strictly enforce standards that must be met to progress further. In the Sefer HaShmoth, the Angelic Tree Language follows the listing of the Divine Names. The Angelic Tree Language is an assortment of different Working and Perfect Trees of Life. The names for the Sefiroth in the Sefer HaShmoth are generally the same as those given them by the Zohar. The variety of Working Trees reflects the different paths by which different types of magicians, wizards, saints, devotees, and yogis ascend the Tree of Life. Devotees and yogis generally make exclusive use of the Central Column. Their paths are referred to as “Central Column Working Trees.” Magicians, wizards, and saints, on the other hand, make significant use of the side columns on the Tree. The Working Trees of the magicians make exclusive use of one or other of the two side columns. The Working Trees of the Saints and Wizards involve the use of all three Columns, but ascend in opposite directions. The Perfect Trees are mystical allusions to Self-realized souls and forms of divine incarnations.

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