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9. Work of the Chariot Publications

C. Table of Contents and List of Illustrations

QABALAH: The Mystical Heritage of the Children of Abraham

Author's Statement

Chapter 1
From Tents to Temples to the Rabbinical Sects
What is the Mystical Qabalah of the Children of Abraham?
Mystical Qabalah and Practical/Hermetic Kabbalah
Mystical Qabalah and Rabbinical Jewish Kabbalah
Mystical Qabalah, Mystical Christianity, and the Christian Cabala
Mystical Qabalah and the Mystical Tradition of Islam
Mystical Qabalah and North Indian Tantra
Mystical Qabalah, Physics, and Astrophysics

Chapter 2
Sources of the Mystical Qabalah
Seferim HaTorah (Books of the Law)
Sefer HaShmoth (Book of the Names)
Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation)
Sefer HaZohar (Book of Splendor)
Ma'aseh Merkabah Literature
The Peshitta and the Revelation of John;
The Qu'ran
Etz HaChayyim (Tree of Life) of Rabbi Yitza'aq Luria
Conclusions Regarding the Primary Sources

Chapter 3
Core Teachings of the Mystical Qabalah
The Ayn, Vast Face, and Small Face
1. The Ayn
2. Vast Face
3. Small Face
4. Conclusion
The Qabalistic Tree of Life
2.The Composition of the Tree of Life
The Four Qabalistic Worlds
The Qlifoth (Shells of Embodied Consciousness)
The Tree of Life and the "Fall of Adam"
YHVH - the "Perfect Name from NOT"
The Lord YHVH and the Nature of Messianic Appearance

Chapter 4
Trees of Life from the Sefer HaShmoth and the Sefer Yetzirah
Angelic Tree Language of the Sefer HaShmoth (Book of the Names)
1. The Way of the Angels of Elohim and the Way of the Angels of Destruction
2. The Way of the Saint and the Way of the Wizard
3. Central Column Working Paths
4. Angelic Tree Language -Trees of Perfection
Introduction to the Trees from the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation)

Chapter 5
Trees of Life from Other Qabalistic Sources and Other Mystical Traditions

Merkabah Tree from the Books of Ezekiel and Isaiah
Trees of the Idra Rabba Kadusha (Greater Holy Assemby)
Tree of Life from the Revelation of John
1. Introduction
2. Qabalistic Analysis of the Text
Trees from the Etz HaChayim (Tree of Life)
Trees of Life in Other Mystical Traditions
1. Introduction
2. The Chakric Tree
3. The Trigram Tree from the I Ching
4. Tree of Taoist Alchemy

Chapter 6
Meditation and the Mystical Qabalah

Use of Root Mantra in Meditation
Cybernetics and the Mystical Qabalah
1. Small Face and the Human Brain
2. The Qabalistic "Holodeck"
Vast Face-Centered Approach to Ascending the Tree
Hebrew Root Mantra and the Name YHVH
Primary Root Mantra from the Torah
The Moods of Devotional Yoga
Vast Face Meditation Practices
What Happens When You Ascend the Tree of Life?
1. Introduction
2. Ascent of the Tree via the "Path of YHVH Elohenu"

Chapter 7
Meditation Practices of the Mystical Qabalah

Meditation Practices
1. Introduction
2. The External Environment
3. The Internal Environment
4. Simple Routine of Small Face-Centered Meditation
5. Elaborate Routine of Small Face-Centered Practices
6. Spiritual Experiences in the Course of Small Face Yoga
7. Additional Small Face Visualizations from the Mystical Qabalah
8. Vast Face-Centered Meditation Routine
Ancillary Practices of the Mystical Qabalah
1. Introduction
2. Chanting the Sefer HaShmoth (Book of the Names)
3. "The Marriage of King Messiah and His Sabbath Bride"
4. Practices Related to Messiah
5. Devotional Singing
6. Walking Meditation
7. Selfless Service

Uncovering What You Already Know

Appendix A
Sefer HaShmoth
Apendix B
Torah B'reshith 1 and Modern Cosmology

Glossary of Terms


Frontispiece: "The Open Gate"
Hebrew-English Transliteration
Tree of the Children of Abraham
Name Allah
Chakra System
Aramaic, Palmyrene, and Nabataen Alphabets
Gan Eden Alphabet
Ezra Hebrew Yosher on Tzimtzum surrounded by Leviathan
Relationship Between Small Face and Vast Face in the Tree of Life
Evolution of the Alef of Unity
Vast Face Beard (Sifra Detzniyutha)
Small Face Beard (Sifra Detzniyutha)
Ten Intangible Sefiroth
Fallen and Perfect Trees on the Human Body
Four Worlds in the Fallen and Perfect Trees (1)
Four Worlds in the Fallen and Perfect Trees (2)
Composite Tree
Hebrew Name Yeshuvah
Riding the Horse
"Way of the Angels of Destruction" and "Way of the Angels of Elohim"
"Way of the Wizard" and "Way of the Saint"
"Way of YHVH Elohenu"
"Way of Messiah"
Tree of the Treasuries of the House of Elohim"
Trees of Perfection: Tree of the Way of the Alef and Tree of the Way of the Ayin
Tree of the Congregation and Tree of Peace and Perfection
"Ten Intangible Sefiroth Whose Measure is Without End" (Sefer Yetzirah 1:5)
Ten Intangible Sefiroth "Five Opposite Five" (Sefer Yetzirah 1:3)
Double Pyramid Tree (Sefer Yetzirah)
Inner Court Meditation (Sefer Yetzirah)
"The Wall" (Sefer Yetzirah)
"The Sunset" (Sefer Yetzirah)
"The Battle" (Sefer Yetzirah)
Chariot Shadai (Ezekiel, Isaiah)
Zoharic Rabbi Tree
"One Column By Itself" (Idra Rabba)
Holy Crowns of Vast Face and Small Face (Idra Rabba)
Way of the Treasuries of Revelation (Peshitta)
Concentric Circle Tree (Etz HaChayyim)
Tree on the Yosher (Etz HaChayyim)
Tree with the Five Partzufim (Etz HaChayyim)
Fallen Tree with Gates (Luria)
Before-the-World Sequence (Shuo Qua)
Hebrew Letter Combinations and the Sixty-Four Hexagrams
After-the-World Sequence (Shuo Qua)
Tree of Taoist Internal Alchemy
Horizontal Ezra YHVH on the Tzimtzum sourrounded by Leviathan
Ancient of Days (Peshitta)
Generation of the Torah in the Four Worlds
Way of YHVH Elohenu on the Human Body
Horizontal Sinatic Name YHVH on the Tzimtzum
Sinatic Yosher on Tzimtzum
Alef of Unity-Commencement of Thought of the Ancient One
Reshith, Manifest Alef of Unity in the Tzimtzum
Blessing of the High Priest

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