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4. Core Teachings of the Mystical Qabalah

A. Introduction

The core teachings of any mystical tradition constitute the infrastructure of its worldview, and thereby form the basis and backdrop for its spiritual practices. All mystical worldviews are at once unique and yet identical. Since they are open ended, and provide a ladder for the finite human intellect to connect with an infinite Ground of Pure Being that is inherently unfathomable to that intellect, they are usually composed of allegories and allusions transmitted by messiahs, perfect masters, and great sages. Like a ladder that is used to climb up to the roof of a house and then as the means to come back down, a mystical worldview is intended to act as a vehicle for the awakening consciousness to ascend through the planes of existence to unite with the Divine Essence. The worldview becomes a frame of reference for the mind to come back into once the soul returns as an individuated being.

Small Face

The elements of the qabalistic worldview are combined in the grand allusion of the Tree of Life. The Tree emanates from the Mysterious Unknown in its negatively existent roots, and descends through the planes of existence via a series of spheres connected by gates. All mystical traditions have ways for the human intellect to make a distinction between passive and active aspects of the Mysterious Unknown. In the Qabalah, they are respectively called "Vast Face" and "Small Face." The relationship between the two Faces is portrayed in the Tree of Life (see Diagram). Like most other mystical traditions, the Qabalah has a variety of special Names for each of the two aspects, and a principal Name for the active aspect upon which the entire religious tradition usually centers. In the following web pages, the core teachings of the Mystical Qabalah that constitute its worldview are presented in detail.

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